the evil hat (evilhat) wrote in depths,
the evil hat


Welcome to a game of De Profundis.

De Profundis: Letters from the Abyss is a unique roleplaying game by Michal Oracz. Unlike other RPGs, this one is carried out entirely via correspondence. Participants in the game take on the roles of one or more characters who are writing letters to each other.

In this incarnation of the game, all letters are publicly posted for everyone to read out-of-character, but the only character who sees a given letter is the character to whom the letter is addressed.

This is a shared community journal. Anyone may read it, and anyone may comment on it, but posting new entries is limited to players in the game. Please contact evilhat in order to join the game. (In general, posting access will be restricted to people that the existing players already know.)

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