keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote in depths,
keep it dark

Subject: Good morning!!

Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 03:50:44 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Good morning!!

dear stuart,

i hope you get this before you run off to class... i just wanted to say hi this morning, i haven't been able to sleep, and you're on my mind. i had alot to do yesterday and i didn't get to write, and I guess you were in the same boat. i wish my mom hadn't taken the calling card away, that would make all this alot easier, but i know you know that.

i love you! i know you know that too. but i like to think it warms you to hear it again, to see it on the screen in between whatever hacky slashy games you're playing. how's psych going? do you still think your TA is a total moron? i can't believe it's been since Dec. that i've been able to talk to you and touch you at the same time. why did i ever come to Holdren College? oh yeah, because i couldn't get into NYU with you. well, we both know who's fault that is so I guess I'd better learn to shut up about it. i can't wait to hear from you, though, more stories of the big city.

i'd tell you stories of the small town, but they might inflame me too much and i mean i still haven't even slept tonight. really, all I see is the endless string of girls, running up and down the halls of this pit they call our dorm, often an endless string of greek letters from the time i roll over in the morning until i'm lit only by the glow of this screen and man I don't think anyone on my hall is NOT rushing... i guess that's fine for them, but i've got enough on my mind, you know, since i can't decide on my major (yes, still) and i have a long distance relationship, and i still hardly know my way around this place. It is kind of frustrating i mean, the way these girls act like they have all known each other all their lives. ugh. i am sure you're seeing the same kind of junk where you are. Maybe boys are more able to just be normal with each other, i don't know. Classes are like, normal I guess. there's so many people in all of them, except for that thing i had to take for a humanities elective. what the hell is humanities anyways? it's fucken social studies, i mean. jeez. one thing i can say that guy that teaches it is a fucken hoot. at least it makes me want to wake up for that class. *sigh*

so, you know, i wait for spring break. it's gonna be fucken awesome hon. you know it.

i know i mentioned it before, but it fucken smells here. it's like cow shit but differnt. i guess you have nasty city smells where you are. VA sux and well... yeah it sux. i'm sorry to be so whiny. don't worry i am still thinking about how it's cool to be so young and have all the different doors i can open and paths i can travel and stuff like kathy's speech at graduation. i just like to think i don't have to figure it out yet ya know? and i guess a good note is i went to the attic (that's the best bar here that i can get into... nazis... but anyways...) with some of the guys downstairs and i felt like we could talk, they could tell me where the good places to go were and what to avoid at the caf. so, i am not 100% whine here!

i better go i guess, naptime or something... can't miss prof z's class *lol* but yeah

seriously, i love you stuart, and i long to hear that you are happy. please email back soon...
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