Nineme (nineme) wrote in depths,

Letter to a random stranger: Hi, nice town.

Written on green steno pages, tucked into an unsigned Mary Engelbreit "Thank You" card, in its original coordinated flower envelope...

Don't worry. I'm not a stalker. I just picked a random name and address out of a telephone book I found at the bus station on my way through your town. Heck, you may not even live there anymore, so if this isn't addressed to you, I'm sorry.

I realize that this sounds pretty crazy. Come to think of it, it is pretty crazy.

But ... you live in a nice town. I just wanted to say that again, to someone who might appreciate it.
I missed my connection to Denver, you see, got there at your bus station after it closed -- closes real early, don't you think? -- and had to spend a few hours walking around. Never seen a place like that before. Really, it's like something straight out of Norman Rockwell, and I'm meaning that in a good way.

It wasn't raining, either.

There was bad rain in Seattle (funny, huh?), and bad rain in Boise, and bad rain in Salt Lake, and there's bad rain in Denver right now, which explains why the ink on this might be smeared when you get it. I guess it's nothing unusual, really. For a while now, it always seems to be raining where I'm at.

Don't worry. I'm not a stalker. Really. Not one of these weirdos that you generally see hanging out in bus stations, either. I haven't been able to drive a car for a while, either. Not since the accident. Gets to raining too bad, can't see, doubt anybody else on the road can either, so ... I don't drive. I usually fly, but I had some vacation to burn, and I've been missing looking out the window and seeing the world going by, instead of just sky and clouds. So, I took the bus out from New Orleans up to see some old college friends. I saw on the Weather Channel that the rains stopped almost as soon as I got out of the city limits: I bet they're grateful I'm on vacation. People've been bailing water for almost six months now.

I'm kidding. I'm serious, but I'm kidding. It's Global Warming, just like they're saying. Monster high pressure system stalled in the waters off the Yucatan Peninsula. Yeah, I watch the Weather Channel a lot. It's addictive, if you look at it long enough. Only television I watch anymore. Not that I like television that much. I'm a camerawoman for WGNO News, ABC 26. I help make television. Not a lot of time or inclination to watch it.

But, yeah, if it was anything weird, I think it would have been raining in your town. It's a nice town. Might come back to visit sometimes.

But don't worry. I'm not a stalker.

Thanks for listening, so to speak.

Wendy Glapion
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